Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm The Goofy Gardener

Welcome to my new blog!

I want to have a nice garden like those I see in the neighborhood. I'm petrified I'm going to plant something that is going to overtake the entire landscaping bed - either by being a "creeper" or it will just grow up huge and block all the other plants.

Also, I can't seem to find all the information I'm interested in on any one site. I figured I'd use this blog as a place to combine and present all my research and acquire tips from more experienced gardeners.

I also like to tell stories so it won't all be this is this and that is that. As it says over in my sidebar, I will also share my success stories and my adventures. If you've read my other blog (http://www.lifemakesmelaugh.blogspot.com/), you will get a good taste of my sense of humor. I'm sure I'll have just as many stories about my gardening adventures.

Here's my first "plant" entry:

Common Name
  • Monkey Grass
  • Lily Turf
Formal NameLiriope Muscari
DescriptionThe muscari species appears as a grasslike clump, which can either be solid green or verigated (my preference). In late summer, stalks of showy flowers begin to appear with berries following.


Edging in planting beds & walk-ways

Light Requirements
  • Full Sun
  • Partial Sun (preferred)
  • Partial Shade (preferred)
Soil RequirementsWell drained
Water RequirementsRegular watering is necessary
Height12 to 18 inches
Spreadabout 12 inches
Growing Zone5+
Manicuring or PruningMow or clip plants close to the ground in early spring before the first new sprouts appear.
FertilizationDoes not need regular fertilization
Growth CycleCan be evergreen in the south. In mid US, shoots begin to appear in April and look pretty nice thru September. That first frost makes the leaves fall flat (like a really bad hair day).
Bloom TimeAugust & September
Bloom ColorStalks of purple, lavender, blue, white or pink

Divide in early spring

Maintenance LevelLow
Special Features

Produces Berries

Known IssuesRabbits think it is candy


Stanley Keith Draper said...

well,..we just started a vegetable garden,..that's why I clicked ya,.. if you have any insights there,..this is my first (garden that is),..

The Laughing Idiot said...

My first instict is you need dirt & some seeds & some tools. Just kidding.

I don't have a garden yet - my yard doesn't allow for it, but the nearby organic farm is going to rent plots and my husband & I are going to get one.

We can learn together!